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Top 5 iOS 7 Features We Would Love to See

Just a few hours more and the wait is finally over. The world will finally get its first glimpse of Apple's next generation mobile operating system, iOS 7. WWDC 2013 Keynote will commence at 10:00 am PT on Monday, June 10. Aside from the rumored design changes, I'm sure many of you would want to see more features incorporated within the iOS. Here’s my personal wish-list of features that I would love to see in iOS 7.

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Top 5 iOS 7 Features We Would Love to See

Souped Up Messages

BiteSMS Jailbreak App

One of the first things I install after jailbreaking is BiteSMS. After using this particular jailbreak app for the longest time, I just can't find myself going back to the stock Messages app. In iOS 7, we sure hope that must-have features like Quick Reply and Quick Compose will at least be integrated into the Messages app. The current Messages app feels so dated and definitely needs an update with regards to features.

Quick Access to Toggles


With the popularity of tweaks like SBSettings and NCSettings, there is no doubt that people want a quick way to access their most-frequently used toggles. It's just too cumbersome to dig into the iOS settings just to enable or disable settings like Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth and more. And hopefully, they find a way to better utilize the Notification Center because, most of the time, it's a barren wasteland over there.

Better Multitasking / App Switcher

Auxo Cydia Tweak Card Preview

Let's face it, the current app switcher doesn't cut it when it comes to managing running apps. The space allocated for you to manage tasks leaves much to be desired. Even the task of terminating apps is a chore, as you have to go into wiggle mode and kill them one by one. If you have ran about 20+ or more apps, then you have found a new time-killer. This is why I always install a jailbreak tweak that instantly kills all apps in the background. I hope somehow Apple will be inspired by jailbreak tweaks like Auxo.

The Ability to Change Default Apps

Tweetbot for iPhone

For iOS 7, we would love if Apple imposes more freedom for the users. Like, for example, the ability to change defaults apps. When clicking web links, instead of launching Safari, it would be nice if users can opt to launch Chrome instead. Or when you want to tweet, iOS 7 can launch Tweetbot instead of the default Twitter client.

Improved Lock Screen

Lock Screen Widgets

Over the years, the iOS lock screen has changed very little. In order to enhance the lock screen, Apple added the Camera grabber so you can get a quick photo. Despite that, the lockscreen still feels bland. Hopefully, Apple addresses this by adding more shortcuts and allowing widgets to be installed. Widgets for weather and RSS feed are some of the examples that can go a long way in improving the lockscreen.

Honorable Mentions

Better Call Management - Can Apple at least give us the option to block calls and text messages?

More Gestures - More gestures please! These gestures can greatly improve productivity as long as they don't have a high learning curve. For example, a new gesture for switching to another app would be nice.

Multi-user Support - Profiles would be a great addition for people who values their privacy. Especially for the iPad, which is commonly shared within the household.

Final Thoughts

There you go! These are just some of the iOS 7 features that we would love to see. From time to time, Apple will take some inspiration from the jailbreak community and add them into iOS 7. While most of these features are available via jailbreaking, I'm sure many of you would want to see these features with Apple's level of polish. If Apple would decide to go crazy with iOS 7 features, then perhaps the need to jailbreak will become less significant.

What features would you like to see implemented in iOS 7? Let us know in the comments section.

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    Beverley7 years, 3 months ago

    Thank you sooo much .. that really heelpd ! I can’t believe it, I’ve finally created it without any credit card I think that you have to make sure of 2 things:1- Creating the new account from iTunes not Apple.com2- Mentioning that you are from United States in order to get the None option.