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Top 10 Apps That Already Make Use of iOS 7 Design

When Apple showed iOS 7 to world back in last month's WWDC, it marked the company's massive shift in design aesthetic. When designing an app, developers generally take their cues from Apple. This is why many apps have skeuomorphic elements in them. However, there are developers that seeked to move away from the design aesthetic defined by Apple. So here are ten applications that have been rocking the "flatter" and minimalist design aesthetic, way before iOS 7 was unveiled.

iOS 7 Design

Top 10 Apps That Already Make Use of iOS 7 Design


Figure App iOS 7 Design

Figure is a music creation app that is touted to be designed for "mobile users on the go". It lets you combine drums, bass synth, and lead synth through a simple, user-friendly interface. As you can see from the screenshots, Figure uses an extremely flat visual style which should definitely be at home in iOS 7.


Brewster App for iOS

Brewster is a contacts app that will let you sync contact entries across many different platforms. If you have account in social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and more, then this app should come in handy. Brewster's interface is both clean and organized which promotes focus on content and clarity which adheres to iOS 7 design principles


Pocket App for iOS

Formerly called Read It Later, Pocket is a news app that lets you save any interesting article, video or web page so you can read, watch or view it later, even without an internet connection. Pocket already employs borderless buttons plus the liberal use of clean with white and light grey backgrounds would make it a perfect fit in iOS 7.


VSCO Cam App for iOS

VSCO Cam is touted by the developers as "The Standard of Mobile Photography". This fantastic photography application allows users to create and modify artistic photos on their iPhone. This is yet another app that ensures that your attention is turned to the content, not the interface. Most iOS 7 elements such as large, clear icons and thinner text can be found here.


Twitterific App for iOS

Twitterific is one of the more popular Twitter client applications in the App Store. Like most apps of this kind, Twitterific makes it easier to compose and read tweets. The open and clean visual style of Twitter makes it a worthy entry to this list. The app relies on font sizes and shades of gray in order to differentiate information categories.

Morse Clock

Morse Clock App for iOS

As far as minimalistic timekeeping goes, there are few apps that could match what Morse Clock could offer. Essentially, it's a clock app that's written in morse code which looks absolutely stylish. Just by looking at the app and its ultra-minimalistic design, you'll know that it would look perfect in iOS 7.


Dots App for iOS

Dots is a game that recently rose to popularity with an impressive 250 million games played. Basically, it's a connect-the-dots style game. It's very flat interface and minimal visual style complete with grounded pastel color system make Dots a perfect app with iOS 7 design principles.


Haze App for iOS

Haze is a fairly new weather which has been released earlier this year. While it may not be the most practical weather app out there, Haze impresses with its beautiful, minimalistic design. Haze lets you focus on the most-essential bits by hiding detailed information such as humidity and wind direction at first glance. The simple, clear icons are quite in-tune with Apple's new design principles.

Gmail (and other Google apps)

Gmail App for iOS

By the end of 2012, Google launched Gmail 2.0 which sports a cleaner, minimalistic user interface. But it's not only Gmail that has gotten the design overhaul. Other apps such as Google+, Hangouts, and Maps also received a design update. And this design update fits harmoniously with iOS 7.

Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! Weather App

In April, Yahoo released a new weather app for iOS which made a splash due to its effortless, beautiful design. Compare Yahoo! Weather and iOS 7's own weather app and you should see the significant resemblance. Like most apps in this list, thin iconography and typography seem to be order of the day. The app also utilizes the background blurring technique which is found in iOS 7 as well.

As you can see, iOS 7's design isn't exactly a new invention as there are apps that have utilized similar design principles before. Do you know other apps that would look at home in iOS 7? Let us know in the comments section.

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