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These 3 Recently Discovered iOS 7 Features Are Worth Checking Out

As you may all know, iOS 7 is currently on its second beta phase with the release of iOS 7 beta 2. While some of the more prominent features have been highlighted during Apple's iOS 7 keynote, more and more new features have been discovered by developers using the beta firmware released so far. So these are three new iOS 7 features which have been discovered as of lately. We think these new iOS 7 features are pretty cool and add a nice touch to Apple latest mobile operating system.

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Siri Can Now Learn Name Pronunciations

iOS 7 Features Siri Learn Pronunciation

If you have spent some time with Siri before, you will know that it has a knack to mispronounce names. It has something to do with the assistant's difficulty in handling foreign accents. Now with iOS 7 as discovered by 9to5Mac, Siri can now take the initiative to learn proper pronunciations. If Siri doesn't recognize the name, it will ask you to teach it on how to say it. In case Siri doesn't ask how you want a certain name to be pronounced, you can say “That’s not how you pronounce [any name]” and Siri will undergo the learning process.

iOS 7 Lets Developers Detect Blinking & Smiling in Photos

iOS 7 Lets Developers Detect Blinking & Smiling in Photos

This is yet another discovery by the folks from 9to5Mac. With the introduction of iOS 5, facial detection API have been added but it was only the basic sort of recognition feature. In iOS 7, new blinking and facial expression detection APIs have been discovered which could pave the way for endless possibilities.

For example, Apple can add smart logic to add a delay to snapping pictures until the subjects are smiling or after they have blinked. These new features could fit nicely with the iPhone 5S announcement which is rumored to have smart dual flash and higher-megapixel camera.

iOS 7 Disables Screenshot Interruptions

Snapchat iPhone App

This can be taken as a feature or a limitation, depending on your point of view. This discovery by MacRumors indicates that screenshot behavior in iOS 7 has been altered. According to the release notes, "Active touches are no longer canceled when the user takes a screenshot." Apps like Snapchat and Facebook Poke would notify users when an "illegal" screenshot has been taken. With iOS 7, it seems that it won't be the case anymore. While iOS 7 users will receive a notification if let's say an iOS 6 user takes a screenshot of a sent photo, the other way around is not true.

These are just some of the many iOS 7 features that have been discovered recently. As we go along, you can expect more features to be uncovered. So what do you think of these iOS 7 features?

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