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Here’s a Gallery of Popular iPhone Apps Redesigned for iOS 7

Apple's decision to ditch the textures and 3D effect of the old iOS has been well-documented in iOS 7. What started as a rumor has turned out to be one of the biggest tech news of recent times. With the operating system's more flatly layered overall design, app developers will have to update to their apps to make them feel at home with the new OS and not feel dated. While it still remains to be seen which direction app developers will take, there's a new blog that will let you peek into the future of popular iOS apps.

iOS 7 Apps

A new tumblr blog called iOS 7 App Redesigns which mainly features popular apps that have been redesigned for the seventh generation iOS. Needless to say, these are not official in the slightest bit but it's safe to say that the final design would be close. The redesigns are actually very well-done and the author stated that he will be adding one redesign on a daily basis.

Check out the gallery of redesigns below:


Instagram iOS 7


Vine iOS 7


Twitter iOS 7


Rdio iOS 7


Skype iOS 7


Limelight iOS 7


WhatsApp iOS 7

So what do you think of these redesigns? For the most part, they do match the look and feel of Apple's latest and greatest. Fortunately, developers still have until fall to work on their applications so that they're good and ready once iOS 7 sees it final public release.

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