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Check Out This Gorgeous iPhone 6 Concept Running iOS 7 [IMAGES]

About almost a week ago, Apple has finally unveiled to the world their most advanced mobile operating system in the form of iOS 7. The new overall design of iOS 7 does attract polarizing opinions from both fans and the media. But now that we have gotten that out of the way, we are onto the next Apple product that folks will surely get hyped about. With that said, here's a beautiful iPhone 6 concept that's running on iOS 7.

iPhone 6 Concept With iOS 7

Designer Antonio De Rosa of ADR Studios is no stranger when it comes to churning out fantastic looking concepts, renders and mockups. To add to his growing list of portfolios, De Rosa created another iPhone 6 concept with a new 4.3-inch edge-to-edge Retina Display, and it is powered by Apple's latest and greatest operating system, iOS 7. Check out the gorgeous next-gen iPhone concept below:

iPhone 6 Concept With iOS 7_0
iPhone 6 Concept With iOS 7_1
iPhone 6 Concept With iOS 7_2

Aside from the beautiful edge-to-edge display which is obviously the highlight of this concept, De Rosa added some extra features and specs. For starters, this iPhone 6 comes with an 18MP camera complete with a dual-LED flash. And in order to make this iPhone a processing beast, the device is powered with a quad-core A7 chip. The iconic iOS Home button has been overhauled as well. Instead of the home button, it's replaced with a fingerprint sensor in the form of an Apple logo. Although one could say that the addition of the Apple logo makes it a bit awkward.

iPhone 6 Concept With iOS 7_3

Personally, this is another well-done concept and one that I won't mind lining up for on release day. It looks absolutely awesome, and the design itself is very realistic. Although specs like the 18MP camera and quad-core A7 chip are quite unlikely, but who knows? The new iOS 7 design definitely complements this top-notch iPhone 6 concept.

iPhone 6 Concept With iOS 7_4

So will you buy an iPhone 6 if it looks like this? [via ADRStudio]

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