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iPhone 5S Reportedly To Come in New Gold Color, Budget iPhone in 5 or More Colors

With WWDC 2013 currently going in full swing, it's not surprising that the rumor mill has become fairly quiet as of late. However, that's about to change as we have received another report regarding the up and coming iPhone 5S. If you have been keeping up with rumors regarding the next iPhone, you should know that it's been widely speculated that Apple will release an entry level iPhone and it will come in many different colors. On top of that, the iPhone 5S will allegedly be offered in a new gold color.

iPhone 5S Colors

Japanese blog Macotakara, known to have a reliable track record when it comes to Apple information, has reported that iPhone 5S will come in a new gold color, in addition to the standard black and white colors. Furthermore, the site adds that the iPhone 5S will be launched in August and as expected, will be packing spec upgrades and camera improvements. As for the design, the iPhone 5S reportedly won't have any significant changes from the iPhone 5.

From Macotakara (translated):

However iPhone 5S May have more powerful CPU, size and other specs Will not be changed expect dual-LED Flash, as Macotakara reported. Leak-sites and already told That iPad mini (2nd Generation) Will be Released in August, then Special event Will be have in August. My source did not tell me when iPad (5th generation) goes into production phase, then I don't have idea about shipping date of that iPad.

Budget iPhone Colors

As for the widely rumored budget iPhone, it will come in numerous colors such as black, white, pink, orange and blue - colors that originated from Apple's iPhone bumpers. There is no word yet if the budget iPhone will come in red or green variant.

So what do you think of these proposed new colors for Apple's upcoming iPhones? Will you buy a gold-colored iPhone 5S? [via Macotakara]

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