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iOS 7 VS. iOS 6: UI Elements Side-by-Side Comparison

iOS 7 has been obviously the hot topic that made the tech headlines for the past week. At this point, users are still finding all sorts of new features and changes to their beloved iOS. Previously, we have showed you just how much the icons in iOS 7 have changed as compared to iOS 6. However as you know, it's not just the icons that are getting a major facelift, even the default UI elements are being redesigned as well. Here's another comparison of iOS 7 against iOS 6, this time UI elements will be compared.

iOS 7 Icon

Twitter user @ManzoPower has taken some of the most common default elements of both iOS 7 and iOS 6 and compared them side by side. This should gives users an idea just how much iOS has changed with Apple's latest offering. Check out the image below for the comparison.

iOS 7 VS. iOS 6 UI Elements

The Cupertino giant believes that the new UI elements and overall design would help in bringing emphasis to the content, rather than the UI itself. With this massive change to the iOS that people know and love, there have been a good deal of polarizing opinions regarding iOS 7. It's either you love the changes, or you hate absolutely hate them. Even Pod2g has expressed his displeasure regarding iOS 7 describing that it's Apple's "worst move".

Whether you like it or not, iOS 7 is happening. It's either going to be a successful refresh of a beloved mobile operating system or it will cause a mass exodus among iOS faithfuls. One thing's for sure, it still too early to give a definite conclusion because the talking heads at Apple have said that iOS 7 is nowhere near finished with regards to design and functionality.

So what do you think? Do you like the new UI elements? Or you'd rather stick with the old ones? [via iPhoneHacks]

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