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iOS 7 Features Preview: Camera Grabber Now Has a Cool Bounce Effect [VIDEO]

As is it now widely known, iOS 7 have been the greatest departure, both in features and design, with regards to Apple's signature mobile operating system. While the departure design can be clearly seen, the Cupertino company has also made it quite obvious that it has been its cues from the jailbreak community. Some of the more compelling iOS 7 features have been lifted straight from jailbreak tweaks and apps. Now we have another cool iOS 7 feature which seems to be jailbreak-inspired as well.

iOS 7 Features Camera Grabber Bounce Effect

Are you aware of the camera grabber in iOS? Yes, it's a feature which have been added to iOS 5 in order to make it easy for users to snap those quick, picture-worthy moments. So basically, it's a shortcut to the Camera app right from the lockscreen so you don't need to unlock the device. In iOS 7, it seems that the Camera grabber has received a pretty interesting effect. This time, the camera grabber obeys the laws of gravity. If you slide the grabber upwards and release it (or slide it down), the slider will bounce like it has some actual weight into it.

Check out the effect in action below:

As you can see from the video, it's a pretty cool effect. I've said initially that it's jailbreak inspired because this iOS 7 feature reminded me of a lockscreen tweak called GravityLockScreen which adds gravity physics to the iPhone's lockscreen. Although it's doubtful whether you can configure the gravity level of the grabber's bounce effect.

So what's the purpose of this effect? Absolutely nothing! Compared to other iOS 7 features, it's more or less a gimmick but nevertheless I think it's still quite cool. It's little touches like this that concretely shows Apple's great attention to detail. [via Reddit]

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