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How to Use Your iPhone Camera to Scan QR Codes?

In the Windows' Phone, there are some features that allow users to make everyday life more convenient. One of the most significant example is the ability to scan QR codes out of the box. This may not be a life-changing feature but it can certainly come in handy in certain situations. In iOS, you will have to install third-party apps such as Scan or QR Reader if you wish to have such a feature. What if you just want to use the stock Camera app to scan QR codes? Well, here are two tweaks that will allow you to scan QR codes using the default iOS Camera app if you have a jailbroken iPhone.

How to Use Your iPhone Camera to Scan QR Codes

How to Use Your iPhone Camera to Scan QR Codes?

There are two new jailbreak tweaks have been released in Cydia recently, both designed to use the iPhone camera to scan QR codes have been. Coincidentally, both are released on the same day. Both tweaks have different price tags but each with their own varying features.

Decode Camera

Decode Camera is a tweak developed by ioshack which can handle both QR codes and data matrices. You enable the tweak by accessing the ‘Options’ list found within the Camera app itself. Decode Camera will play a sound whenever it detects a QR code or data matrix. After detection, the tweak will then display a popup which includes the text or web link contained within the code. You can also find a separate option for the tweak within the Settings app but it is merely for enabling/disabling the tweak. The tweak is also supported on the iPad and uses both front and rear facing cameras. iOS 5 and iOS 6 are both supported.

Decode Camera is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for $1.50.


NativeQR Cydia Tweak

NativeQR is another similar tweak developed by Evan Swick. However, unlike Decode Camera, it's not capable of reading data matrices. NativeQR does make up for it by adding an additional feature that lets you create QR codes out of the entries in your Contacts app list. With this, you can quickly share information through QR codes. Strangely enough, the new ‘QR Code’ feature is only added to the sharing menu within the Contacts app, you can't see the codes while you're browsing contacts via the Phone app.

NativeQR is available in Cydia under BigBoss for $1.99.

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