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This Must-See Concept Shows Just How iOS 7 Music App Should Be Done [IMAGES]

Concepts, concepts everywhere! As you all know, we have featured a good deal of concept designs as of late. However, most of these concepts usually tackle the overhaul of iOS 7 or a redesigned next-gen iPhone. Today, we will feature a new concept design that aims to improve the iOS Music app. It's a rather well done creation and it's safe to say, it's one of the best concepts in recent memory.

Music App Concept Design

Designer Brye Kobayashi started by pointing out the problems with the redesigned iOS 6 Music app. While the app has gone through some cosmetic changes, the experience offered has changed very little.

Problems With iOS 6 Music App

So Kobayashi proposes the following changes and improvements to the default iOS Music app:

  • The bottom navigation takes up too much space which could be used to view more content. Kobayashi consolidated the bottom navigation to the top menu for quicker access.
  • Music App Concept 1

  • Tapping the menu button will call on the side bar menu to switch between categories.
  • Music App Concept Menu Sidebar

  • A new Up Next button has been added so you can add which tracks to play from anywhere.
  • Music App Concept Up Next

  • The Now Playing interface has been redesigned with a larger scrubber bar and he even integrated a built-in equalizer.
  • Music App Concept Now Playing

  • Gestures have been added as well so you can swipe up the album art in order to reveal more tracks from the same album.
  • Music App Concept Album Tracks

  • To browse albums more efficiently, Brye added a new Dashboard Mode which makes it even easier to switch songs while on-the-go.
  • Music App Concept Dashboard Mode

  • Dashboard Mode also incorporates a Timeline which lets you know the songs that are coming up and the ones you have listened to.
  • Music App Concept Timeline

  • And as a cherry on top, Brye also made its own Music icon, in line with the ongoing rumors that iOS 7 is going flat.
  • Music App Concept Icon

As a big music fan, this is definitely the kind of Music app that I've been hoping for iOS 7. The designer has managed to update the design and functionality of the Music app without changing too much. Overall, this is a great visual proposal and I hope Apple is somehow taking notes. If not, he could at least release this concept as a standalone app. To check out more of Kobayashi's top-notch Music app concept, go to his blog.

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