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Photos of Alleged Budget iPhone Rear Shell Hits the Web [IMAGES]

Apart from upcoming iPhone 5S, the rumor mills have been consistently churning out rumors about the budget iPhone, speculated to be released alongside the next-gen variant. As we draw closer to the release date of the iPhone 5S, it's reasonable to expect that we'll see an increased number of component leaks. Sure enough, photos of what are purported to be the rear shell of Apple's budget iPhone have made it to the web.

Budget iPhone Rear Shell Green

French website published photos of what may be the rear shell of Apple's long rumored lower-cost plastic iPhone. The website does not discount the possibility that the part depicted on the photos could only be a Chinese replica of an iPhone 5 rear shell. However, there are certain features of the rear shell that do make sense. For example, the rounded rear microphone hole and round rear edges have been consistent with previous reports regarding the budget iPhone.

Budget iPhone Rear Shell

On top of the green color scheme, the leaked part also comes in red and yellow. If you have been keeping yourself in the loop, there have been reports that the lower-cost iPhone will release the budget iPhone in an array of color options. One report claims that Apple would sell the budget iPhone in the same colors as the company's line of iPhone 4/4S bumpers. According to the rumors, the entry-level iPhone will come with the same 4-inch Retina like the iPhone 5, but it's shell will mostly be made in plastic.

Budget iPhone Rear Shell front

So what's your opinion on these leaked images? [via MacRumors]

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    Bosco7 years, 2 months ago

    Well apple nor att covers peornsal damages with the iPhone protection plan. That means if you drop it lose it, or inflict any damages to it. Their warranty only covers software and some hardware problems.