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Velox Tweak is Now Available in Cydia, Interact With App Icons Via Swipe Gestures

Last month, we have featured a new, promising jailbreak tweak called Velox. This jailbreak tweak promised a fresh, new way to interact with app icons. However, by the time we have featured Velox, it was still in closed beta and isn't available yet on Cydia. But now, we're happy to tell you that you can now purchase Velox from Cydia. This is a quick walkthrough of this new exciting tweak that you all need to check out.


The core function of Velox is that it enables users to interact with various app icons by simply using a swipe gesture. For example, by simply swiping up or down, you will be able to quickly see your notifications and even interact with them. Velox also provides a quick access to the app through an enhanced folder view.


Velox Notifications

Instead of invoking the Notification Center, you can simply swipe individual apps right from the Springboard in order to view the notifications. There is also a handy “Pull to clear” gesture that you can use to quickly clear notifications.


Velox Settings

Instead of launching the Settings app, you can access most of your important toggles by simply swiping the Settings icon up or down (depending on the gesture you've assigned). In addition to the most frequently used toggles, there is also a bright control slider.

Camera and Photos

Velox Camera & Photo

Swiping the Camera icon will give you the quick camera view where you can shoot a photo or video. Swiping down the Photo app icon will enable you to quickly share the last photo you've taken to popular social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. You may also send the photo to an email or simply copy it.

Safari and Chrome

Velox Safari & Chrome

With Velox, you can view a mini browser via the enhanced folder view. With the mini browser, you may enter a URL and view the page. Perfect if you wish to quickly browser something from the web but don't want to launch Safari or Chrome.


Velox Music

Probably one of the most handy uses of Velox. Swiping the music app will display a mini now playing window. Here, you can play/pause, skip to next track or play the previous one, and it even includes a seek tracker. The tweak also works with third-party music apps like Pandora.

Facebook and Twitter

Velox Facebook & Twitter

Velox also works with the official Facebook and Twitter app, enabling you to navigate both social networks without actually launching them.


Velox Cydia

By using Velox in Cydia, you will see the latest tweaks and apps. Strangely enough, tapping an update will take you to Safari.

Final Thoughts

And that's about the extent of my initial testing of Velox. It does have some apparent problems like not being able to use the tweak for apps that are inside a folder. Also, I've encountered a few crashes that forced me into Safe Mode. Another thing is that Velox doesn't play well with other tweaks like Infiniboard and FolderEnhancer, so you might want to take that into consideration before purchasing.

Overall, Velox is a great tweak with lots of functionality. The developers did say that they are providing the tweak's API for third-party developers, so we should see various add-ons for many different apps in the future. Velox can now be purchased from Cydia for $1.99, which is a fair price for a tweak of this caliber. Go check it out!

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