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Ultra-Slim iPhone 6 Concept Features Full HD Display, Notification LEDs & More [VIDEO]

As of now, it is widely expected that Apple will release the iPhone 5S, which is believed to be an upgraded model of the iPhone 5 with minor spec bumps and no aesthetic changes. However, this doesn't stop people from creating concept designs of the true next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 6. Previously, we shared to you an impressive iPhone 6 concept with true edge-to-edge display. Today, another iPhone 6 concept has surfaced and this one is mighty impressive as well.

iPhone 6 Concept Design

Unlike the previous concept design, this iPhone 6 concept by Uygar KAYA and Ran Avni doesn't go much into the detailed specs but instead focused on the form factor and a few features (albeit more believable ones). One of the first things you will notice is that this iPhone 6 has a much slimmer profile which goes hand-in-hand with Apple's thinner, slimmer design mantra. You can watch this cool iPhone 6 concept using the video below:

The ultra-slim does looks good, doesn't it? Although, it is unsure if it's going to be ergonomically comfortable when used. As for the display, this iPhone 6 will have a full HD Retina display with the resolution of 1920×1080. This makes sense when the current HD media contents are generally encoded in 1080p. To protect this iPhone 6's display, the screen is actually dust and water resistant.

iPhone 6 Concept Design_2

Another cool thing about this iPhone 6 concept is the notification LEDs that will change colors based on whether you received a notification or when you are charging. This is a pretty neat feature which I won't mind when added to future iPhones. And speaking of charging, the rumored wireless charging technology has been added as well. Other features have been added as well such as the 13 MP camera and touch sensitive volume buttons.

This is a pretty solid iPhone 6 concept which is not too far-fetched and could actually happen. What do you think of this iPhone 6?

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