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Top 5 FREE Internet Usage Monitor Tools for Windows PC

Internet service providers nowadays have imposed a quota which determines just how much bandwidth you can use per month. Once you have reached that quota, you will either be charged premium for the exceeding usage, or your provider will throttle your internet speed to a crawl. With all the things that you can do and download over the web, it's easy to reach your monthly cap with haphazard net usage. It's highly recommended that you monitor your internet usage. Here are the Top 5 FREE Windows Internet Usage Monitor Tools.

Top 5 FREE Internet Usage Monitor Tools for Windows PC

ISP Monitor

ISP Monitor FREE Internet Usage Monitor Tools

One of the most important qualities of internet usage monitor tools is that it should be light on your system, especially when it's designed to be always ON. ISP Monitor fits the bill as it is one lightweight program that easily tracks your daily / monthly net usage. It comes with various useful features like bandwidth checker, downloads tracking, speed monitoring, real time traffic monitoring option and more. However, there is no means of setting up a reminder for your bandwidth quota.

Cucusoft Net Guard

Cucusoft Net Guard FREE Internet Usage Monitor Tools

Probably the strongest point of Cucusoft Net Guard is its clean, user-friendly interface. This free internet usage monitoring tool will first ask for your email address upon installation. A product code will then sent to you so you can use the tool for free. With this tool, you can find out what's utilizing your bandwidth the most, and just how much they are using. It also features a Powerful Graphic Bandwidth Usage Report, a bandwidth usage prediction and over limit Notification, broadband speed test and other neat features. It is certainly one of the best internet usage monitor tools for Windows.


NetSpeedMonitor FREE Internet Usage Monitor Tools

NetSpeedMonitor is known for the convenience it provides as it simply sits permanently on your taskbar while displaying download and upload speeds. Aside from showing your internet speed, NetSpeedMonitor can also track your daily and monthly usage. The only downside is that unlike the other internet usage monitor tools in this list, this doesn't have a quota reminder, so you really need to keep an eye on your internet usage.

iCafe Manager

iCafe Manager FREE Internet Usage Monitor Tools

iCafe Manager is not just your typical internet usage monitor tool, it is a complete cyber café management software. So if you own a cyber café or a network administrator, iCafe Manager is one of the best internet usage monitor tools that you can get. Aside from monitoring bandwidth usage, It can also perform other tasks such as billing, printer management, managing rate plans, inventory management and many others. Certainly an essential tool for those who are managing multiple computers in a network.


Networx FREE Internet Usage Monitor Tools

NetWorx is a no-nonsense free bandwidth monitoring and usage reporting software. You want to find out and monitor just how fast your Internet connection is? Or perhaps, you need to determine and track how much internet traffic you consume? Or you want to be notified once you are about to exceed your monthly usage quota? Well, NetWorx can help you with pretty much all of that and more. There is a reason why it is one of the most downloaded internet usage monitor tools out there. It just worx!

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