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This New iOS 7 Concept Shows Flat Design, Panoramic Wallpapers & More [VIDEO]

If you have been keeping tabs on everything Apple these days, you will know that the current craze involves the iOS 7 going all flat and losing all signs of skeuomorphism. Several days ago, we have reported that iOS 7 will allegedly be "black, white and flat all over" and will have several cosmetic changes especially with regards to apps. And lo and behold, a new iOS 7 concept has been made based on the most recent rumors.

New iOS 7 Concept

This new iOS 7 concept video, made by Christian Lue from ChanluChannel and Ran Avni from ConceptsiPhone, is based on some of the most recent rumors about the up and coming iOS update. Personally, I think this concept video is very well done. Watch the video below:

Now as you can see from the video, this iOS 7 concept is fairly well done. Although I have to comment on just how underwhelming the icons look like. They look pretty dull and they managed to make it look worse than what's found on Windows Phone. Hopefully the actual iOS 7 would look better than this if Apple is indeed going the "flat" design look.

New iOS 7 Concept_0

Aside from that, everything else looks great especially the new features (at least with iOS) like the Quick Reply for messages. The concept also features an all-improved Siri which you can now use to call a cab, read the news and more. Panoramic wallpapers, which is an out-of-the-box feature of Android, also makes an appearance in the video. Many of these features can be achieved through jailbreak tweaks and apps but it would be great to have them by default.

Regardless of the design, I think it's high time that Apple adds these features to iOS 7 out-of-the-box. The iOS feels dated not merely by design, but with its existing features. Hopefully, Apple will have enough to offer iOS 7, design and feature-wise, to keep the iOS experience fresh and interesting. [via iClarified]

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