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LSFlatAlerts: Sends Lockscreen Notifications Directly to List View, No More Silly Popups

While many would agree that it is a well-designed mobile operating system, there are parts of iOS that are rather inconsistent. One inconsistency that jumps into my mind is how the notifications in the lockscreen appears. When you receive a notification, it is presented in a somewhat big dialog box, which is similar to how notifications are shown before the Notification Center. This is not like how notifications are displayed in the Notification Center, where they're presented in a flat list view. If you want to make notifications appear in a flat list view as well, then this jailbreak tweak is for you.

LSFlatAlerts Cydia Tweak+1

A new jailbreak tweak named LSFlatAlerts has just arrived in Cydia. Basically, what this tweak does is change how notifications are presented in the lockscreen. With this tweak installed, instead of the being shown in big dialogue boxes, notifications will now appear in the flat list view in the lockscreen. This is pretty much consistent with how notifications are displayed in the Notification Center.

LSFlatAlerts is a very lightweight tweak and it doesn't come with any settings to configure. Just install, respring and you are then good to go. While this may not be the most groundbreaking tweak out there, the consistency it provides will please a lot of folks. LSFlatAlerts is available in Cydia via the ModMyi repo for FREE.

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