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How to Increase iPhone 5 Call Volume? [Cydia Tweak]

For the most part, users have no complaints with regards to the calling experience with the iPhone 5. However, as time goes on, numerous folks have found out that the iPhone 5's in-call volume could really use some tweaking. The call volume problem especially rears its ugly head when making a call in slightly noisy environments, even when the volume has been turned all the way up. If you are someone who's wondering just how to increase iPhone 5 call volume, then this new tweak is made just for you.

Volume Amplifier Cydia Tweak_0

With the new Volume Amplifier Cydia tweak, you will now have a handy way to increase iPhone 5 call volume. To be clear, this new jailbreak tweak does not mess with the bottom speakers of the iPhone 5, it is only designed to enhance the in-call volume of the device. The Volume Amplifier tweak manipulates the speaker audio stream during phone calls which makes it possible to amplify the call volume up to 200%. Since the tweak doesn't mess with any of the system files, it is likely to be far more stable than other volume enhancing tweaks.

Volume Amplifier Cydia Tweak

Once installed, you will notice that Volume Amplifier does not have any settings to configure. Quite frankly, the tweak really doesn't need it. To increase the iPhone call volume, you simply need to keep hitting the volume up key whenever you are placing or receiving a call. When running the tweak for the first time, you will be shown brief instructions on how the tweak works. But really, there's nothing much to tinker with other than the volume button and the fact that you could go beyond the 100% default volume, up to 200%. Just crank the volume up until you're satisfied.

However, Volume Amplifier is only compatible with the iPhone 5. The developer has stated that he's willing to make the tweak compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S if there is enough interest from users. Volume Amplifier is a premium tweak which costs $1.99 and is found in the BigBoss repo. It's a great tweak to increase iPhone 5 call volume and improve your overall call experience. [via AddictiveTips]

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