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Samsung Galaxy S IV is the New Top-Rated Smartphone, Says Consumer Reports

With all sorts of smartphones coming out, consumers find themselves confuses as to which gadget gives them more bang for their buck. We all know that these smartphones, especially the high-end ones, aren't exactly cheap. So it's understandable if one would want the best for their investment. And according to the newest report of Consumer Reports, the Galaxy S IV is the cream of the crop when it comes to high-end handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

For the uninitiated, Consumer Reports is an American magazine that publishes reviews and comparisons of various consumer products and services. According to the publication, the Samsung Galaxy S IV is now the best top-rated smartphone in the market. "The S4 delivered top-notch performance in the most critical areas of our tests, including the camera," says Consumer Reports. It has managed to snag the top spot from the LG Optimus G.

From Consumer Reports:

The S4 has an excellent 5-inch, high-definition (1080p) touch-screen display, as well as oodles of gesture- and sensor-based tools for accessing and sharing content you create and capture on your phone. The display is sensitive enough to use with gloves on—handy during cold weather.

A true multi-tasker, the S4 lets you run two apps simultaneously in a split-screen view. For instance, you can watch a video while checking e-mail, or you can use Google Maps and Messaging simultaneously. We did find that battery life and voice quality varied slightly between cell carriers, as with the LG Optimus G.

In a nutshell, the reason why the magazine has given this honor to the Galaxy S IV is because of the plethora of features and other bells and whistles that it offers. From the crisp 5-inch, high-definition display to all the extra software bundled in, it's truly a powerhouse and a great bang for your buck if you're looking for a high-end, feature packed device. For comparison, Consumer Reports has slagged the iPhone 5 as the worst top of the line smartphone in its February 2013 issue.

So do you agree with Consumer Reports on this one? [via iJailbreak]

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