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FlatIcons: Enjoy a Flat iOS 7-Like Interface On iPhone With This Winterboard Theme

One of the most widespread rumors surrounding iOS 7 is that it will lose signs of skeuomorphism and make the aging iOS look more flat. Over the months, we have seem numerous concept designs and mockups of iOS 7 that showcase just how iOS would look like with a flatter design. Today, we will present you a Winterboard theme that will let you get a taste of iOS 7 if it's indeed going flat.

FlatIcons Winterboard Theme iOS 7

The name of this new Winterboard theme is FlatIcons. And as the name suggests, it is a Winterboard theme that allows you to enjoy a flat iOS interface, which looks very similar to what you'll find in Windows Phone devices. You know a Winterboard theme is good when it goes the extra mile of offering more than the standard icon skinning. Fortunately, FlatIcons does offer a complete theming solution which means that it doesn't just change your Springboard icons, other aspects of the iOS have been skinned as well.

FlatIcons Winterboard Theme iOS 7_0

FlatIcons has auto-app skinning, Retina display support, 750 hand-rendered icons, and many others. As mentioned, other aspects of iOS has been given the flat treatment as well. The Phone dialer, lockscreen, keyboard, and even jailbreak tweaks such as Auxo have all been skinned. Although, there are other apps that could use the makeover such as the Calculator app and Music app, but this should be addressed in future updates.

FlatIcons Winterboard Theme

If you are someone who enjoys a minimalistic theme, FlatIcons is a Winterboard skin that is worth checking. We still have yet to see what Apple has in store for us in iOS 7, but if indeed they will make it flat, FlatIcons is a good way to enjoy a sneak preview of some sorts. On its own, FlatIcons is a very well-made Winterboard theme for those who wants a minimalistic iOS theme. [via iJailbreak]

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