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Despite Its Plastic Components, Galaxy S IV Still More Costly to Make Than iPhone 5

As far as high-profile releases go, there is no doubt that the release of Samsung's Galaxy S IV is one of the most notable ones. However, it is widely known that the Galaxy S IV is made from plastic, a fact which led to large-scale criticisms. If a customer is looking for a handset with superior build quality, he or she is more likely to purchase an iPhone 5 or HTC One. But according to a new teardown analysis, despite the Galaxy S IV's plastic components, it is actually more costly to build than the iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Teardown

Research firm HIS has performed a teardown analysis on the 32GB version of the Galaxy S IV, and it has been found out that Samsung's flagship device costs about $237 to make. Of course, this pales in comparison to what customers pay in retail for the unit. But still, it's worth pointing out that the Galaxy S IV costs more than the iPhone 5 which costs $205.

As reported by AllThingsD:

A teardown analysis conducted by the market research firm IHS, due to be released tomorrow, has pegged Samsung’s cost of materials and manufacturing to produce the U.S. version of the 32 gigabyte model of the S4 at slightly above $237 per unit. Without a contract subsidy, the entry-level 16GB version of the phone costs $639 when sold by AT&T Wireless.

The cost is somewhat higher than that of Apple’s iPhone 5, the base model of which costs $205 to build for a 16GB version, according to an IHS analysis conducted last fall. It’s also well above the cost of Nokia’s Lumia 900, which costs $209 to build, IHS found at the time.

So despite the iPhone 5?s anodized aluminum body as compared to the plastic-backed Galaxy S IV, the latter still turned out to be the more expensive device to manufacture. Of course, Samsung has packed a lot of features and goodies right into the S IV such as quad- / octa-core processors, NFC, humidity sensors, ambient temperature, and a gazillion others which have no doubt added to the cost.

With that said, there is no question that Apple and Samsung are currently at the top of their game. It will be interesting to see what Apple has in store for customers in response to the Galaxy S IV.

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