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Cydia Substrate & Winterboard are Now Available in Android – Download Now!

Jay Freeman, aka Saurik, is no stranger to the jailbreak community. He is, of course, the man responsible for the birth of Cydia. Aside from that, he had countless contributions to the inner workings of the jailbreaking scene. On top of that, he is also the creator of the iOS's de facto theming solution, the Winterboard.

And now according to a new report, Saurik just released Cydia Substrate and Winterboard into the Android platform.

Winterboard for Android

It's no secret that Saurik is known to be very clever. A few hours ago, he released Cydia Substrate and WinterBoard, both of which are available in the Google Play Store for FREE.

As for Cydia Substrate, you will need to have "root" access before you can use it for your device. Cydia Substrate doesn't do anything special on its own, as it is designed to support other products. Think of it as the enabler for other extensions, or as the main platform for other features. For starters, you will need Cydia Substrate so Winterboard for Android will work on your Android device. In the future, once more tweaks and extensions are made available, Cydia Substrate will be the essential component that will make them work.

Cydia Substrate for Android

Many iOS users are undoubtedly familiar with Winterboard, and now it's time for Android users to take a bite of iOS's theming pie. As expected, Winterboard for Android requires you to have "root" access on your device. With this app, you can use themes found in the Google Play Store without having to use custom launchers or ROMs. Winterboard for Android is still a work in progress, so while its core features are working, other aspects might not work as well. Rest assured, Saurik will continue to work on it and provide updates in the future.

This is a pretty exciting development concerning Saurik's career, and definitely an exciting time as well for Android users. Take note that both Cydia Substrate and Winterboard require at least an Android 2.3 Gingerbread. We'll be sure to keep a closer eye on Saurik's Android ventures. To download Cydia Substrate and Winterboard for Android, use the links provided below:

Download Cydia Substrate from Google Play Store
Download Winterboard for Android from Google Play Store

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