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Add True Multitasking to iOS 6 With Background Manager [Cydia Tweak]

Back in iOS 4, Apple has finally introduced the multitasking feature but it can only support certain types of apps because it could severely affect battery life. Rather than providing a true multitasking experience, the iOS App Switcher simply suspends the apps in memory. Not exactly the most ideal multitasking feature for most people. Don't you think it would be nice to have a true multitasking feature for some applications. Well fortunately, we have this new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia.

This new jailbreak tweak is called Background Manager, which enables backgrounding or true multitasking for all apps. With this Cydia tweak, you can enable apps to run in the background as if it's running in the foreground. But will this have an adverse effect on your battery life, right? Not quite! You have the option to have Background Manager work globally and across all apps, or you can set configure the tweak on an app-to-app basis, which is I think is more ideal so as not to quickly drain your battery.

Background Manager Cydia Tweak

In the Global settings, you can set the Background Mode into None, Background (the default setting), and Native. If you set it on Background, you will have true multitasking on your device. For example with Cydia. Every time you launch the Cydia app, you will notice that it will always load as if it is launched for the first time. When in Background mode, Cydia won't load anymore once re-launched, provided that you didn't terminate it via the App Switcher.

Background Manager Cydia Tweak_2

Perhaps the best thing about Background Manager is that it allows you to configure its behavior per app. Aside from that, there are other options like having the app launch as soon as you boot your device. To better understand what this tweak can do, it is suggested that you watch the video demo below.

Backgrounding, by default, has been disabled, so you will have to configure some settings in order to achieve the desired effect. Again, it is recommended that you enable backgrounding per app so it will not adversely affect your device's battery life. Background Manager is now available in Cydia via the BigBoss repo for $ 0.99 and it only works with iOS 6.x.

What do you think of Background Manager? [via iPhoneHacks]

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