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This Apple TV Concept Shows Just How Apple Could Revolutionize TV [VIDEO]

Last year, one of the most resounding rumors that graced the tech world is the possibility that Apple would dabble in the television industry by releasing a TV screen panel. However, reports for such rumors have been quite scarce as of late. While we have seen a good deal of concept designs for iOS 7 and iPhone 6, here's an Apple TV / iPanel concept showcases just how Apple could revolutionize the TV.

Apple TV Concept

This new Apple TV concept is made by Sam Beckett, and it demonstrates just how Apple could re-imagine the TV concept. The overall idea of this Apple TV concept is to show just how the iPad or iPad mini could be paired to an Apple TV screen panel or set-top box. The user could either use the tablet as a multi-touch remote control or with Siri voice commands. The concept also demonstrates just how the App Store, FaceTime and the Recordings app would function. Check out the well-crafted video of this Apple TV concept below:

From the quality of the visuals, to the animation, to the voice-over, it is pretty evident that this is a well-made concept video. Probably, one of the best concepts we have featured in this blog. As you can see from the video, the iPad or iPad mini plays a critical role in this concept, serving as the main hub for channel surfing, recording, browsing at TV guides and more. Siri is also integrated just in case you want to find out more about TV shows and movies, and all sorts of related queries.

Apple TV Concept_0

Now, this is TV done right but as you might expect, all of these are easier said than done. But who knows? Sam Beckett does go deeper regarding this Apple TV concept, so if you are interested, you can head over to The Verge for a more in-depth explanation.

So what do you think of this Apple TV concept?

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