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Apple Should Release Alternate Firmware That Allows Unsigned Apps, Says Pod2g

If anyone can recall earlier this year, world-famous iOS security researcher and also member of the Evad3rs team Pod2g has called out Apple to open up iOS and allow more tweaks and mods. He's not saying that Apple should allow unsigned iOS code but instead, the company could just extend the iOS SDK/API. And now, Pod2g has shared another radical idea that could potentially put an end to jailbreaking.

Pod2g Interview iOS 6 untethered jailbreak

Earlier today, Pod2g suggested another idea to make iOS more open by having Apple release another alternative firmware that will allow unsigned applications. He believes that this could eventually put an end to jailbreaking as we know it. He conveyed this idea by making a series of tweets.

Hi. An idea for Apple to open iOS more, kill jb and related vuln. research: release an alternate firmware version not requiring signed code.

Advanced / power users would have to download this special version and install it with their own risks.

Best of both worlds. People that want to do advanced things with their iPhone would use the special fw version, others would stay with the orig.

And yes, the best argument is: they already allow unsigned apps on OS X. iOS is no different. AppStore exist on both.

As you can see, Pod2g is basically suggesting to give more options to users rather than boxing them altogether in a closed environment. Those who want to get more out of their devices, they could simply download the alternate firmware. While those who can't be bothered can simply download the original firmware.

While it is certainly a good, albeit radical idea, there is just no way that Apple would allow it. While it allows easier access to jailbreak tweaks and apps, the same can be said to pirated content. Most likely, it's not going to happen anytime soon, or ever.

So do you agree with Pod2g? You think Apple will allow this to happen? [via pod2g]

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    shaw8 years, 4 months ago

    Why would Apple do that? The reason they have the app store is so that they can make money. Every app that is put in the app store gives Apple money. When users buy apps from the app store, Apple gets part of the money.  Apple would never release an alternate firmware since they cannot get any money this way.