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The 16GB Galaxy S IV Model Actually Only Has 8GB of Usable Storage Space

There is no doubt that the current hot gadget right now is Samsung's latest flagship device, the Galaxy S IV. Being an very popular device, the Galaxy S IV have its fair share of criticisms. One of the most common criticisms is the build quality which didn't fare well on a drop test against the iPhone 5. Now, Samsung's flagship product has drawn a new criticism as customers discover that out of the 16GB marketed storage, the 5-inch smart phone only actually has about 8GB of useful memory.

Galaxy S IV Usable Storage Space

Last month, Samsung was criticized for its questionable marketing practices. Now, the South Korean company is once again taking a good deal of flak as it has been discovered that the 16GB version of the Galaxy S IV has only around 8GB of usable storage. That is basically half of the advertised storage space. There is no shortage of features when it comes to the Galaxy S IV, but all these features come at a price, almost 7GB worth of storage memory.

As reported by CNET:

Nearly half of the S4's storage space (after a factory reset, our 16GB Galaxy S4 showed 8.49GB of available room) is taken up with the phone's operating system and built-in apps, limiting the amount of data you can store on the company's quad-core monster.

Galaxy S IV

Samsung goes to defend its flagship device saying that with the Galaxy S IV, customers get more features and a higher resolution display. In a statement sent by Samsung to CNET:

For the Galaxy S4 16GB model, approximately 6.85GB occupies [the] system part of internal memory, which is 1GB bigger than that of the Galaxy S3, in order to provide [a] high resolution display and more powerful features to our consumers.

Samsung also adds that in order to expand the memory of the device, customers can always add a microSD card. However as CNET pointed out, there is a huge caveat to this. While you can certainly add a microSD card to boost the amount of storage, Samsung doesn't allow you to install apps onto the card. Basically, a microSD card buys you extra space for photos and videos only. This becomes a problem when you install a lot of apps, especially cutting-edge games. For example, games like Real Racing 3 requires a hefty 1.2GB of free space. With only 8GB of usable storage, a couple of high-end games will easily fill that up.

Naturally, there are numerous customers outraged by this particular discovery. Many feel that this has been misstep in advertising in Samsung's part. Some of the comments go:

Samsung should be selling this as an 8GB phone, not 16GB!

Price should be lower then.

This is a scam and mis-advertising.

I personally feel that if you buy a 16GB phone, it should have 16GB available for the user. When I buy a pint I expect a pint.

Just for the sake of comparison, iOS roughly takes about 1GB of storage space. So it's easy to see why this is a frustrating experience for Galaxy S IV owners. So what do you think about the Galaxy S IV having only half of usable storage space? Do you think Samsung might have offered way too many features that it basically turned the operating system into a bloated mess? Let us know what you think in the comments section. [via CNET]

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