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Top 10 Best Free Cydia Tweaks of 2013 [Must See]

Earlier this year, the Evad3rs team has successfully jailbroken iOS 6 for all compatible devices. Of course, this was an untethered jailrbeak which is preferred by most people. With your jailbroken iOS device, you will of course want to install jailbreak apps and tweaks. Don't worry, because we are here to help you out. Today, we will feature ten of the most noteworthy free jailbreak tweaks for your jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch for the year 2013. This is the Top 10 Best Free Cydia Tweaks of 2013.

Best Free Cydia Tweaks of 2013

Top 10 Best Free Cydia Tweaks of 2013

NOTE: Most of these tweaks can be found via the default Cydia repositories (BigBoss, ModMyi) unless it is specifically stated that you need to add a different repo.



If you find your old unlock animation to be tiresome, then LiveWire is one Cydia tweak you should check out. What this tweak does is add a sliding/opening elevator door animation to your lockscreen. LiveWire is a cool little tweak that adds a dash of customization to your iOS device. Not the most flashy tweak out there but it sure is a nice way to start this countdown of the best free Cydia tweaks of 2013.

TorchNC & InstaSnap


TorchNC & InstaSnap are two Cydia tweaks that operate in a similar manner but call different functions. TorchNC is a free jailbreak tweak enabling the user to activate the LED Flash of the iPhone to serve as a handy flashlight via the Notification Center. On the other hand, InstaSnap provides quick access to your Instagram camera through the Notification Center. Both tweaks are well-made and can really make things convenient for users.

Harlem Shake


Not really the most useful tweak out there, but Filippo Bigarella's Harlem Shake is certainly one of the most fun tweaks released this year. Basically, this tweak will make your Springboard icons perform the Harlem Shake, complete with wildly dancing icons and music. The Harlem Shake fever might have already faded into obscurity but this is one high quality free Cydia tweak that's worth showing off to friends.



Have you ever experienced the irony of forgetting about your reminders? In that case, you should give RemindMeAgain a try. This tweak gives you the ability to set a time increment for another reminder. The tweak will continue to remind you until you are ready to acknowledge and dismiss it. So essentially, this tweak will bug you over and over again so you won't miss out on a reminder ever again. Certainly one of the best free Cydia tweaks of 2013.

Badge Customizer

Badge Customizer Cydia Tweak

Badge Customizer is a free Cydia tweak that will enable you to customize your notification badges. With this tweak installed, you can customize your badges' color, size, position, and so on. What's so impressive about this tweak is that the customization options are pretty extensive like how it uses RGB sliders so you can choose a specific color. Badge Customizer is yet another one of those best free Cydia tweaks of 2013 you should check out.

Music HUD

Music HUD Cydia Tweak

This one is for the Music app lovers out there. Music HUD is a tweak that lets you customize the HUD (heads up display) to show music information while a music track is playing. When you use the volume button, the currently playing track's artwork will be displayed along with some song information. While the HUD is showing, users can also perform gestures for muting, pausing and playing the current track. This tweak doesn’t only look good, it's highly functional as well. Certainly deserves a spot in this countdown.


RecordMyScreen Cydia App

RecordMyScreen is a free, open-source screen recorder for your iOS device. For a free app, it sure packs a lot of features like Video Rotation, Hardware Accelerated Direct h.264 Encoding, Captures OpenGL frames out of the box, recordings manager, and many more. This is a perfect choice for those who constantly does walkthroughs, demonstrations, tutorials and gameplay videos on their iOS device.


Pluck Cydia Tweak

Pluck is a Cydia tweak for the Music App which enhances the music controls found on the lock screen. While the native feature offers a quick way to access the playback controls, you will have to unlock the device when you want to play a different song, album or playlist. Pluck remedies this problem by placing a small button on the lockscreen. Tapping this button will pull up an interface that will let you choose the songs to play. You can select multiple songs and they will all be played in succession. A very handy tweak that should be default iOS feature.


Grabby Cydia Tweak

Grabby is a creation of jailbreak tweak extraordinaire Ryan Petrich. Grabby is a jailbreak tweak that supercharges your Camera grabber. Instead of only sliding up, Grabby allows you to move the grabber to the left and highlight some additional apps. Once the app icon of your choice is highlighted, just slide upwards to launch that particular app. These app shortcuts can be customized via the tweak's preferences pane. To download Grabby, you will need to add Petrich's personal repo:


JellyLock Cydia Tweak

JellyLock is a really cool Cydia tweak that replaces the default iOS lockscreen with Android’s “Jelly Bean” lock screen. Once installed, users need to drag an icon inside a circle in order to unlock their device or launch the Camera app. On top of that, you can assign up to three app shortcuts which is definitely an awesome touch. JellyLock is currently on beta but you can now install it by adding the author's private repo which is:

And there you have it folks, ten of the best free Cydia tweaks of 2013. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this list. So any tweak from the list that you've grabbed? Or perhaps, you would like to suggest some tweaks that should've made this list of the best free Cydia tweaks of 2013? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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