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What If Apple Decides to Release 10 Colors of Budget iPhone With Plastic Casing?

For a fairly long while now, there have been a good deal of reports, rumors, speculations and leaks pointing to the possibility that Apple will release a budget iPhone. One of the most prominent qualities of this alleged cheaper iPhone is that it will likely come in a plastic case and that it will be sold in multiple colors, just like the latest make of the iPod touch. There is this one report that on top of the black and white variant, Apple will at least add three additional colors for the budget iPhone. So what if Apple decided to do ten colors?

Budget iPhone Ten Colors

The good folks of 9to5Mac took the liberty to conceptualize a render of the budget iPhone according to the floating rumors. The idea was then fed to Ferry Passchier for the actual execution. Since choosing specific colors would be a daunting task, 9to5Mac decided to do ten colors and the results are pretty incredible.

Budget iPhone Render

As you can see, the renders look really good and it goes with the current reports regarding the alleged budget iPhone. Unlike the renders which were done by iCulture on a previous post, this low-cost iPhone render features a white front instead of a colored one. There seems to be two reasons for this. First, the 5th-gen iPod touches all have white fronts, which means that Apple will likely go down that aesthetic decision as well. Secondly, Apple already had a tough time figuring out the white glass previously on the iPhone 4.

So what do you think of these budget iPhone renders?

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    I have an Iphone 3GS with 4.1, jailbroken with lmeira1n. I can’t unlock it. I want to unlock it so I can use my tmobile service with it. Should I upgrade to 4.2.1? I dont own a MAC so I cant use the Pwnage tool. What can I use? Any help will be appreciate. Thanx