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RemindMeAgain: Never Forget Your Reminders Again With This Cydia Tweak

For all its intents and purposes, the stock Reminders app is a really decent application. One could say that it's fine as long as it gets the job done, and it does, although not in the most spectacular manner. If you only require the most bare-bones functionality for your reminders, then the default iOS app should do fine. However for those who want more, you will have to download an app from the App Store or install a Cydia tweak. Today, we will introduce a jailbreak tweak that will remind you of your reminders, over and over again.

RemindMeAgain Cydia Tweak

I'm sure you are familiar with situations when iOS gives you a reminder while you are currently pre-occupied with something. So you proceed to ignore the reminder and by the time that you have finished the task at hand, you have completely forgotten whatever that reminder is. If you have experienced this sort of irony before, perhaps you should check out this new Cydia tweak called RemindMeAgain.

RemindMeAgain is yet another tweak made by prominent iOS developer Samball, who also made the MusicWidget tweak which we featured the other day. As the name of the tweak implies, RemindMeAgain will remind you of your reminders over and over again. Basically, what this tweak does is that it gives you the ability to set a time increment for another reminder. The tweak will continue to remind you until you are ready to acknowledge and dismiss it. For example, if you've set the time increment in 5 min, the tweak will create a copy of the reminder every 5 min until it's been acknowledged and dismissed. Essentially, it will bug you over and over again, which is definitely better than forgetting about the reminder altogether.

RemindMeAgain Settings

RemindMeAgain is a tweak that works in the same vein as AnyReminder which we featured last month, although only to some extent. This Cydia tweak is a very simple one but it can certainly enhance your experience with the stock Reminders app. RemindMeAgain is now available in Cydia under BigBoss for FREE. [via ModMyi]

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