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LiveWire: Cool Little Tweak That Adds Animation to Your Lockscreen

One of the coolest things jailbreaking an iPhone, iPod and iPod touch can bring is the ability to install cool little tweaks that aids with customization. While there are tweaks and apps that completely redesigns your iOS environment, there are some little ones as well that alters a single element of the operating system. Today, we will show you a cool little tweak that adds a nice animation to your unlock screen.

LiveWire Cydia Tweak

Are you bored with the unlock animation of your iOS device? Do you want to give it some pizzazz? Well, here's a Cydia tweak that you should check out. The name of the tweak that we have for you today is called LiveWire by HASHBANG Productions. Basically what this tweak does is to add an animation whenever you unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. To best describe the animation, think of an opening elevator door and you'll get a pretty good idea of what to expect.

LiveWire Cydia Tweak_1

That's basically the extent of what this Cydia tweak can do. Just a single animation added to your unlocking gesture. There is not settings to configure. I personally would have loved more options. Adding two or three more animations would really make LiveWire a good download for those who want to customize their iDevice. Nevertheless, this Cydia tweak is still a solid one and you can't really expect much since it is available in Cydia for FREE. That's right folks, this neat little tweak can be yours for FREE, so give it a shot now.

LiveWire Cydia tweak is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for FREE.

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