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Live Battery Indicator: Clutter-Free Battery Indicator For Your iPhone [Cydia Tweak]

While the iOS is a showcase of masterful design, there are some elements that are rather questionable. I am sure that I am not alone in my sentiment that default iOS indicator is kind of an overkill. And by that, I mean that it simply takes too much space. I don't know about you, but I don't really need both the battery percentage and battery indicator displayed so I can gauge just how much juice I have left. If you share this particular sentiment of mine, then you should take a look at this featured Cydia tweak we have for you.

Live Battery Indicator Cydia Tweak

Live Battery Indicator by author pw5a29 is a new Cydia tweak that basically merges the battery percentage and battery indicator into one circular icon. The information supplied by the tweak is really easy to read. And as you can see, it looks good as well. This is simply an outstanding option for those who hates the clutter brought by the default battery indicator. Once installed, you should be able to see the effect of the tweak after respringing your device, as seen in the screenshots I've supplied. This is a really simple tweak and it doesn't come with any configurations to play with. Simply install and forget.

Live Battery Indicator Cydia Tweak_1

The tweak also comes with a bonus Winterboard theme which can be accessed via the Winterboard app and selecting Live Battery Indicator. The Winterboard theme comes with an alternate look and instead of the circular icon, you'll see the battery percentage inside the traditional square battery indicator. This achieves the same of effect of de-cluttering your status bar. The only downside to this Cydia tweak is that it doesn't have a visual indicator when the iPhone is being charged. Hopefully, the developer adds that feature sometime soon.

Live Battery Indicator is now available in Cydia via the ModMyi repo for FREE.

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