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Leaked iPad 5 Case Mold Suggests Thinner Form Factor & Will Be Announced June 18th

Aside from the iPhone 5S, the fifth generation iPad is expected to make an appearance as well this year. As compared to its smartphone sibling, the hoopla surrounding the next iteration of the iPad isn't all that substantial. Today, a new report was brought into our attention that may have shed some light into the form factor and announcement date of the iPad 5.

iPad 5 Case Mold

A new case mold has made its way into the interwebs today and it is allegedly for the iPad 5. The mold came from the Far East and was brought into light by, claiming that it came from the site owner's "gadget spies." As expected, the mold indicates an even thinner form factor for the fifth-gen iPad, thanks to the narrow bezels which is similar to the iPad mini. The purported iPad 5 case (green) is placed side-by-side the iPad 4 case (blue) and this suggests that the former will be significantly narrower.

iPad 5 Case Mold_1

Another thing to note is that like the iPad mini, the speakers of the iPad 5 will be placed on either side of the Lightning connector. As posted by Tactus, the upcoming iPad will not only be narrow but also lighter and thinner. The new form factor is said to bring it "close to what the iPad Mini is in terms of depth." To no one's surprise, the iPad 5 is going to retain the eye-popping Retina display.

iPad 5 Case Mold_2

Aside from the author's apparent gushing over the purported iPad 5 case mold, he also claims that the device won't be announced until the big media event on June 18th. The pegged date could be around WWDC time and it could be announced alongside Apple's next mobile operating system, the iOS 7. On an added note, Tactus claims that the next-gen iPad will go on sale on the 27th of June.

There is really no way to confirm if this information is legitimate or not. It could be possible that this case mould was made according to the floating rumors and speculations. For now, we'll just have to see if this information checks out. [via CultofMac]

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