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New iPhone 6 Concept Features Thinner Design and No Home Button [VIDEO]

Whether it be software or hardware, there is always a substantial amount of hype when it comes to Apple products. Aside from the usual dose of rumors, leaks, predictions, and speculations, those with creative minds put their talents to good use by creating concept designs and mockups. Over the past months, the tech world has been treated to numerous concepts of Apple's next mobile operating system, the iOS 7. Today, we have another concept for you to check out but this time, it is for the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Concept Design

Based on numerous rumors and reports, it is likely that Apple will release a slightly modified iPhone 5 for this year's offering. It is expected to be called the iPhone 5S and will likely retain the same design and form factor as the iPhone 5. However, this doesn't stop designers from coming up with designs envisioning just how Apple could design the iPhone 6. Taking its cue from Apple's thinner and sleeker design sensibilities, this iPhone 6 concept takes a more practical approach. Here's the video of this new iPhone 6 concept:

As you can see, this iPhone 6 concept really took it to the next level with respect to thinness. I actually really like the look of it. It kept things simple but still manages to be elegant. However, the thinness may prove to be a double-edged sword. While this very thin design looks aesthetically pleasing, I'm not quite too sure if it's going to be comfortable to use. The current iPhone's thickness is so ergonomically friendly that it just feels right in my hand.

Another thing to note in this iPhone 6 concept is the lack of the iconic Home button. The absence of the Home button certainly gave the screen a larger real estate but I'm not too sure how this will fare functionality wise. Although this design does give the iPhone a fresh, new look, I just can't see Apple sacking the Home button. But who knows?

So how do you like this iPhone 6 concept? [via iJailbreak]

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    Great iAi?8 years, 6 months ago

    They always just make the screen larger or thinner … It takes a very long time that they add some more exiting stuff.
    Hope iphone5s will be different than last 5 devices.