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This is How the iPhone 6 Will Look Like With Flexible Wraparound Display [VIDEO]

If you have been keeping track of Apple news as of late, a good deal of reports feature some interesting concept designs for the iPhone 6. Last month, the Cupertino giant filed a patent application, which pointed to the fact that the company has been working on a device with flexible wraparound display. With this in mind, a UK-based gadget website took the liberty of creating an iPhone 6 concept, featuring a flexible wraparound display.

iPhone 6 Concept Flexible Wraparound Display

The folks at T3 have created a 3D render of what could be the next numbered iPhone. The iPhone 6 concept took the flexible wraparound display idea and made something that likely won't make it into the final product. This concept features a flexible wraparound display boasting a 1615×1800 resolution. Other features include a 2MP FaceTime HD camera, a lightning port, NFC, gesture controlled virtual buttons and wraparound panoramas. Check out the iPhone 6 concept video.

As you can see, this concept is similar to the one we featured before in a sense that it also lacks the iconic Home button. Another strange thing is the virtual gamepad, which is situated at the back of screen. Needless to say, this iPhone 6 concept is way out there. The flexible wraparound display is an interesting idea but it just seems to be clumsily applied here. To say the least, the concept is interesting and it's always good to see someone's take of the next generation iPhone. However, I just don't see Apple implementing this sort of design for their flagship handset.

What do you think of this iPhone 6 concept? Let us know in the comments.

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