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Alleged iPhone 5S Prototype With Curved Display Leaked Into The Wild [IMAGES]

One of the most resounding rumors as of late concerns Apple's next flagship handset, the rumored iPhone 5S. As expected, there's an increasing number of leaks that claims to be the fruit company's forthcoming seventh-gen iPhone. A new report indicates that the next iPhone will feature a design overhaul, starting with the curved display.

iPhone 5S Prototype

GSMArena received some interesting pictures, which are claimed to be a prototype of the next-gen iPhone. Perhaps one of the most notable features that can quickly grab one's attention is the curved display. The design of the device depicted in the photos sports sloped edges. This is a pretty convenient coincidence because a few days ago, Apple just got approved for a patent application regarding a product with curved display.

Apple Patent Curved Display

Apart from the not-so-typical-Apple design, the device depicted in the images has done away with the iconic Home button. The screen is now a true edge-to-edge display. Although even if you look closely, you can't even make out the actual screen of the device.

iPhone 5S Prototype_2

What do you think? I have to file this one under "highly unlikely." The iPhone 5S is already widely rumored to be a slight upgrade of the current iPhone 5, with no mention of any design overhaul. If Apple is indeed going to release a significantly different device like the one in the photos, it would warrant a full number increase. The fact that this alleged prototype surfaced after Apple's patent approval is just suspicious. Of course, folks who leak Apple-related products just don't seem to invest in good quality cameras or maybe they're just have terrible photo-taking skills.

Kidding aside, it is quite possible this is indeed a prototype of the iPhone 5S. Like all major handset manufacturer, Apple consider and tests many different designs prior to deciding which one makes it as the final version. But then again, this could just be some guy who's very skilled in Photoshop. [via GSMArena]

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