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iPhone 5S and Budget iPhone Will Be Sold in Multiple Colors, Launching in August

With WWDC 2013 fast approaching, it is that time of the year again when the tech world gets a barrage of rumors about the next-gen iPhone. Just yesterday, we have received a report that Apple may release multiple "iPhone 5S" models with up to three different screen sizes. And now, it seems that the Cupertino outfit is all about giving options to their customers with a new rumor that the next iPhone will come in multiple colorways.

iPhone 5S Multiple Colors

The folks running the Japanese blog Macotakara have been talking with industry sources claiming that the iPhone 5S will be offered in multiple color variants, on top of the already available black and white. As the roughly translated text goes:

It seems that a possibility of next iPhone being announced in July and put on the market from July in August is high according to the informed sources who can trust it.

It seems that it will have gossiped if the 5-color lineup of low-priced edition iPhone is carried out until now, but iPhone 5S may be 3 colors added to 2 colors of iPhone 5 1 color somehow. However, the informed sources did not tell about the kind of detailed color.

iPhone 5S Multiple Color Variants

Aside from multiple colors, one thing that we can get from the report is the possibility of the next iPhone to be announced in July and will be available in the market by August. On top of that, we see another citation of the budget iPhone which is widely rumored ever since last year. If this report turned out to be accurate, the low-cost iPhone will come in multiple color variants as well.

Reports of the iPhone 5S coming in multiple screen sizes and colors have been floating around for quite some time now. So this information by Macotakara adds another credence to the ongoing rumors. The iPod touch 5G already comes in multiple colors, so it doesn’t seem to be that farfetched for Apple to expand the color patterns of the iPhone. [via iPhoneHacks]

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