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iOS 7 Concept: This is What iOS 7 Will Look Like Without Skeuomorphism [VIDEO]

With the announcement of WWDC 2013, it is only a matter of time before we'll get a preview of Apple's next mobile operating system, the iOS 7. The hype surrounding iOS 7 is definitely high, especially when it is expected to be undergo a significant makeover. Apple’s design guru, Jonathan Ive have been quite vocal on how he doesn't like the iOS skeuomorphism, so it won't be surprising if he decides to scrap it altogether for iOS 7. Now we have another iOS 7 concept which envisions how iOS will look like without the skeuomorphic design.

iOS 7 Concept Without Skeuomorphism

Brazilian designer Rafael Justino just published an iOS 7 concept video which is based on Ive's industrial design aesthetics, as well as other rumors that are floating around regarding the system. Without further ado, here's Justino iOS 7 concept:

As you can see, this is a rather well-done concept with some very interesting design ideas. One of the first changes shown in the video is the addition of a less realistic-looking compass app, complete with glossy design and the ability to change colors (black or white). The voice memo app however, looks too retro for my taste. The weather app looks different and certainly better than the current stock app but I would rather have the new Yahoo! Weather app as the replacement. The clock app looks about the same but only flatter. However, you can view the clock in fullscreen and even in landscape or portrait mode. There is also the ability to view it in digital mode. 

iOS 7 Concept Without Skeuomorphism_1

Everything pretty much looks the same but only flatter with a dash of polish. However, the most noteworthy portion of this iOS 7 concept is definitely the Notification Center, which I really like. The Notification Center gets a total makeover. It's pretty neat how similar Notifications are collated neatly and contents are collapsible at will just in case you need more information. The Notification Center also becomes a home for widgets and toggles for quickly accessing features and settings.

iOS 7 Concept Without Skeuomorphism_2

The lockscreen offers toggles for WiFi, airplane mode, and Do Not Disturb. You may also change the tint of the interface between black and white. The lockscreen also offers the ability to quickly customize your wallpaper as well as shortcuts to music playback, calling, tweeting and so on.

Overall, this is a very interesting iOS 7 concept without the skeuomorphic design. Many of the features found in this concept can be acquired through jailbreak tweaks, so there's not much originality in here. Nevertheless, this is a very decent attempt for an iOS 7 concept. Now, we'll just have to wait for Apple to unveil what they have for us in iOS 7. [via iDownloadBlog]

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