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Here’s a New iOS 7 Concept With Heavily-Animated Icons and More [VIDEO]

There is little doubt that many people are ecstatic with the coming of iOS 7. Thanks to Jony Ive taking his hardware design expertise to the table, the iOS might just lose the sameness that plagued the system for many years. With some big changes eagerly anticipated, it's no big surprise that many designers are throwing in their own ideas by creating iOS 7 concepts. Today, we have another iOS 7 concept for you to check out.

iOS 7 Concept

Most of the iOS 7 concepts that have been brought to our attention generally alters the user interface in some way. This makes way for some fresh, interesting concepts. However, the featured concept plays around with the overall behavior of the system. YouTube user Joe Hall has created an iOS 7 concept, which features heavily animated icons and other bells and whistles. Check out the concept video.

As you can see, this particular concept is infused with some heavy animation, like those bouncy icons and the spinning vacuum-effect when accessing iOS folders. While the execution looks great, I can't help but think that this looks like a heavily-modded iOS 7. The animation is surely over-the-top and while it looks good, it doesn’t really make for some quick and intuitive access. As time goes on, I could imagine myself being annoyed by the overly dynamic behaviour.

iOS 7 Concept _1

With that said, there are some pretty good ideas included in this concept as well. The idea of having a button to close all running apps is not new but it's nice to see it included. Also, I think that there is no reason to include a fancy progress bar when terminating apps, especially when there are jailbreak tweaks that do this with a simple tap of a button. I also like the pull down tape for partially reading notifications via the app icons, although the amount of information they offer is not that much. Another notable thing is the quick access to toggles like WiFi and Airplane Mode just by tapping the associated icons in the status bar.

Overall, this is a pretty decent attempt for an iOS 7 concept, although the heavy animations can become rather distracting. What do you think of this iOS 7 concept design? [via RedmondPie]

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