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Galaxy S IV VS. iPhone 5 Drop Test: Which Device Is More Durable? [VIDEO]

At this point, the Samsung Galaxy S IV has made its way to the eager consumers' hands. There are people who will try to compare Samsung Galaxy S IV with other leading handsets in the market. In a previous report, the Galaxy S IV was pitted against the iPhone 5 to see which device has the superior display. In the latest skirmish between the two most popular handsets, the Galaxy S IV goes head-to-head with the iPhone 5 in a drop test.

Galaxy S IV VS. iPhone 5 Drop Test

While it is certainly not the most scientific, new gadget releases won't be complete without the drop test. Android Authority took the initiative to perform a drop test skirmish between the Galaxy S IV and the iPhone 5. The previous iteration of the Galaxy S series, the S III has been pitted against the iPhone 5 in a drop test. The iPhone 5 beats the Galaxy S III to a pulp. Does this mean the Galaxy S IV better than the S III in terms of durability? Watch the video below and find out:

As you can see, both devices held up pretty well until the end of the test. When dropped at hip and chest heights, both devices were able to get away with little to no damage. The iPhone 5 seems to have suffered more damage, but they are mostly minor cosmetic ones. However, when dropped at head height, a clear winner of the test was revealed.

Galaxy S IV VS. iPhone 5 Drop Test_1

Again, the iPhone 5 suffered hardly any damage when dropped at head height. Unfortunately, the same can't be said with the Galaxy S IV. The device landed on its side upon impact, and the removable case popped off. When examined, the glass screen of the S IV was shattered. The device is still functional but I imagine it won't be so much fun to use with the screen like that. Is this because of the plastic build? That is likely one of the many reasons why the device didn't hold out so well. The iPhone 5 once again takes the cake in this one.

Galaxy S IV VS. iPhone 5 Drop Test_2

Again, these sort of tests are far from scientific. As the host of the test said, there is a large degree of randomness associated with drop tests. The resulting damage depends on numerous factors. Dropping expensive gadgets is not an uncommon occurrence. It is always best to have an extra layer of protection by investing in a good smartphone case. [via Android Authority]

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