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How to Check Whether an iPhone is Factory Unlocked or Not?

Whether it's software or hardware based, there is no doubt unlocking is one popular trade when it comes to the iPhone. In order to get ahead of the competition via exclusivity, many carriers choose to lock devices to their networks. With this, you can't just pop any network SIM card into your iPhone. If you wish to use other network SIM cards, you will need to unlock your device. This can be done either by resorting to software unlocks, like Ultrasn0w or have the carrier perform a factory unlock. How exactly will you know whether your iPhone is factory unlocked or not?

How to Check Whether an iPhone is Factory Unlocked or Not

There are various reasons one should know whether his iPhone is factory unlocked or not. It could just be due to sheer curiosity, you want to switch to another carrier, or perhaps you would like to sell your handset. When it comes to smartphones, we all know an unlocked device is much more preferable than locked ones. Not to mention they're generally more expensive. How to check whether your iPhone is factory unlocked or not?

Steps on How to Check Whether an iPhone is Factory Unlocked or Not:

  1. Before anything else, you will need to find your iPhone's 15 digit IMEI number. Refer to this guide.
  2. How-to-Find-iPhone-4-4S-5-IMEI-Number_0

  3. Once you have your IMEI number, navigate to this URL:
  4. You should see a dialog box where you will need to input your IMEI number. Hit the CHECK button.

  6. You will then be taken to a screen that contains your device information. Here you can see all sorts of specs like device model, brand, dimensions, weight, RAM memory and many others.
  7. iPhone Information_2

  8. From the device information screen, click the SIMLOCK & WARRANTY button under Free Checks.

  10. The website will then process your query. This should take a while, so just sit back and relax.
  11. Processing Free Apple Check_3

  12. After some time, you should be able to view your Free Apple info like in the screenshot below.
  13. Free Apple Check Complete

This service also actually works for many different devices, like Android and Windows Phone. Whatever the reason why you require your IMEI number, make sure you don't carelessly disclose it anyone. [via RedmondPie]

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