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Atom Tweak is a Gorgeous Lockscreen Overhaul & App Launcher [Must See]

Over the years, apart from some little touches, the iOS lockscreen hasn't really changed much. So one can't really blame anyone if they would want to redesign the lockscreen for added functionality or simply for aesthetics. Now, here's a jailbreak tweak that promises to not only completely redesign  the lockscreen but also add new functionality. More about this awesome jailbreak tweak after the jump.

Atom Tweak for Lockscreen

The name of the jailbreak tweak we have for you today is called Atom. Basically what it does is that it replaces the “slide to unlock” bar with a small black circle.  Once you start to interact with the small black circle by dragging it around, a group of six app shortcuts will appear on your lockscreen along with the unlock icon right at the center. This is what inspired the name of the Atom tweak because the formation of the icons look like an atom.

Atom Cydia Tweak

As mentioned, the small black circle can be dragged around all over your lockscreen. To unlock your device, you simply need to drag the circle and land it on the unlock icon. If you choose to land the circle into one of the app icons, it will also unlock your device and launch the corresponding app. The Atom tweak essentially gives you 6 quick shortcuts right at your lockscreen. In the event that you have a passcode, don't worry because you will be asked the passcode first before proceeding to unlock.

As you might have guessed, all the six shortcuts that are found in your lockscreen can be customized to your preferences. Atom tweak has a preferences pane found in where you can configure which app will appear on your lockscreen. You can use both stock/default or third-party applications.

Atom Settings

You can't talk about Atom without discussing the nice little touches that this tweak have. For one, it has some pretty neat animations to go with the gestures. Once you start to drag the small black circle, the icons will pop up on screen. Should you release the circle, the icons will pop out in a neat animated manner. Dragging the circle around the icons produces a nice animation as well. The animation is all smooth and it gives your lockscreen a nice, quirky vibe.

Atom is a high quality tweak that changes the way how you interact with your lockscreen. This is especially for folks who are tired with the same old unlock gesture. Sure, the new unlock gesture that Atom tweak provides can take some time to get used to but it shouldn't be a problem for many folks. Atom works on jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 5 or iOS 6. You can purchase Atom now from Cydia under BigBoss for $1.99.

So what do you think of Atom?

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    edz8 years, 4 months ago

    in the part of system apps and user apps it didnt showme any apps , so i cant choose which apps i want.. this problem is in general, it happens with jellylock or Velox, i cant choose apps it didnt appear.  help plz