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AppAddict – A Solid AppTrackr & Installous Alternative You Need to Check Out

The jailbreak scene was in for a bit of shock when it was announced that Hackulous is no more, taking with it some of the most popular jailbreak apps like Installous and AppSync. With Installous gone, many folks are sure adamant to find alternatives that'll let them download cracked apps for free. We've already featured some of the best Installous alternatives on a previous post. But now, we've found another service that definitely warrants your attention. The name of this new Installous (and AppTrackr) alternative is AppAddict.

AppAddict Installous Alternative


Jaxov is not affiliated with any app or websites that are featured in this post. We also don't condone or encourage app piracy. Jaxov will not be held responsible for any damage caused by using any of these featured apps and websites, so please use them at your own risk. This blog post is written for the sake of information and entertainment only. With that in mind, if you found an app that your really like, support the developers and buy it from the App Store.


One of the best (if not the best) websites to download cracked apps from is AppTrackr. However, not that AppTrackr has closed its doors, there are bound to be other services that will take its place. is looking to fill the void that's left by AppTrackr. So now, we'll be giving you a rundown of this promising new source for cracked applications.

AppAddict Home

First, we'll talk about the website itself. If you point your browsers to AppAddict, you will be greeted by a pleasant interface that list all the "New & Noteworthy" that have been added to AppAddict's growing app database. For a fairly new service, the selection of apps is not that big as compared to AppTrackr but new cracked apps are added daily, so at least it's steadily growing. If you want to access the most popular apps, just click the Top 100 tab from the upper navigation bar. This is where you'll find apps with the most downloads.

AppAddict Top 100

To look for the apps that you want, you may use the search bar. What's good is that you can filter your search based on various criteria like devices, live or archived apps, and whether it's paid or free. To start download the app, just click which one you wish to download and it should take you View page of the app. Here you can view the app's complete iTunes description, ratings, screenshots etc. To start downloading, just click the Download Now button.

AppAddict Search AppAddict View App

Just like with AppTrackr, you will then be presented with various download links from many different file hosting websites. And as might expect with downloading from file hosts, expect annoyances like countdowns, captcha images, limited download speeds, and all that jazz. So basically, AppAddict is a place that holds all these download links for IPA files.

AppAddict Download Links

Aside from the web version, I must also talk about AppAddict's iOS app. In order to install AppAddict's iOS app, you will need to access the website from your iOS device. From the home menu, click the iOS App button from the upper navigation. From there, you will be guided on how to install the AppAddict iOS app. The iOS app works in the same way as Installous which means you can use it to download and install cracked IPA apps. I will provide a tutorial on how to install the AppAddict iOS app and how to use it to download cracked apps for free.

AppAddict iOS App

That's the basic walkthrough for this promising new Apptrackr and Installous alternative. AppAddict is a good Installous alternative because it simply works. I've tried installing a couple of apps and they all run smoothly. There are some downsides, though. The app selection is fairly small as compared to other services like AppCake. There is the fact that files are externally hosted, as most people would prefer direct downloads. If you can put up with these faults, AppAddict is a solid AppTrackr and Installous alternative. Go check out this Installous alternative at and let us know what you think.

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