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Accentify Tweak Adds Many Different Vibrant Tints To iOS

It's a fact your customization options become almost limitless with the power of jailbreaking. You don't like how your icons look? You can easily change the theme with Winterboard. You don't like how your icons are placed or spaced? You can use Gridlock or Springtomize to tweak them. Today, we have a tweak allowing you to select numerous tints to accentuate your iOS system.

Accentify Tweak

The customization tweak we have for you is called Accentify. It is an upcoming tweak from developer @winocm, which provides a quick and easy way to add some vibrant colors to the iOS environment. With the Accentify tweak, you can add eight different tints which are green, butter, orange, chocolate, chameleon, sky blue, plum and scarlet red. The tint applies to multiple elements of the iOS environment, even to the buttons and toggles. Check out the effect of Accentify below:

Accentify tweak

As you can see, Accentify tweak provides a really nice, almost candy like look, to pretty much every chrome elements of iOS The tweak will also work with most stock iOS applications, like Settings, Mail, Safari, Videos and more. The best thing about Accentify is that you won't find have to do something tedious, like install Winterboard themes in order to achieve this effect. Just install Accentify and choose the tint that tickles your fancy. This is great for users who are bored with iOS's blue tint and want something fresh for their eyes.

Accentify Tweak in Mail

As mentioned, Accentify is not yet available in Cydia. However, it is expected Accentify tweak will be made available next week for the low price of $0.99. This is one promising customization tweak that's worth keeping an eye on.

What do you think of this tweak? [via iDownloadBlog]

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