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Abstergo, The Must-Have Notification Tweak is Now Available in Cydia

Last week, we have brought into your attention a very promising jailbreak tweak called Abstergo. The Cydia tweak showed a lot of potential and promises the convenience of being able to clear all your notifications in a quick and intuitive manner. However, the features of Abstergo doesn't end there as it offers another feature that essentially supercharges the iOS's Remind Me Later function. Now, we're happy to inform you that Abstergo is now available in Cydia.

Abstergo Cydia Tweak

After about a year in the making, Andrew Richardson and Joshua Tucker have finally released Abstergo in Cydia for public consumption. Richardson have made tweaks like JukeBox and Passit while Tucker created good tweaks like CallBar, Crescent, and Reveal. So these union of brilliant minds has paved the way for one of the best jailbreak tweaks to be released this year, Abstergo. The tweak is highly useful and can really boost your productivity levels.

Here's the description of Abstergo straight from Cydia:

Abstergo allows you to manage your notifications better.

You can clear individual notifications from the lock screen and Notification Center by swiping on a notification. From the lock screen, clear all notifications on screen by swiping down in the notification list to show a slideable Clear All option.

Add a reminder to a notification to re-alert you of it after the time you ste. Show the reminder options by tapping and holding on a notification from the lock screen, Notification Center, or even on Notification benners. Remove a reminder by tapping and holding on a notification in the lock screen or Notification Center to show a Clear Reminder option.

From the Messages application, you can add a reminder to a message by tapping and holding on a message from the other person in the conversation.

Abstergo Cydia Tweak_0

Abstergo is the perfect solution to add more flexibility on how you control your notifications. You can purchase Abstergo in Cydia for $1.99.

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