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The Voltissimo Battery Pack Can Fully Charge Your iPhone in Just 15 Minutes

In this day and age, smartphones have become an integral part of our lifestyle. As smartphone technology become more sophisticated, more features and functionalities have been added. This also means one thing, more features and applications that will quickly deplete our device's battery life. This is why it always helps to pack extra battery packs, especially if you can't afford to run out of juice, like when traveling. Battery packs are quite prevalent these days, but here's a product from Buffalo that claims to charge an iPhone to full capacity in just 15 minutes.

Voltissimo Battery Pack by Buffalo

The new product that we are about to introduce is called the Voltissimo Battery Pack by Buffalo. While there is a plethora of battery packs available in the market, what makes “Voltissimo” stand out is the fact that it can charge your iPhone at blazing fast speeds. According to Buffalo, the Voltissimo can charge your iPhone up to four times as fast, which could be as fast as 15 minutes. This sure comes in handy if you're in a dire emergency and require a full battery.

Voltissimo Battery Pack by Buffalo_0

The Voltissimo will be sold in 2 different models distinguished by its different battery capacities. One comes with 8,000mAH which can charge the iPhone four times as fast. The lower-end model comes with 4,000mAH which can charge the iPhone twice as fast. Check out the specifications of both models below.

8,000mAH type
  • Color: black (BSMPB0180BK) and white (BSMPB0180WH)
  • Size: 135×72×25mm
  • Weight: 293 g
  • Unit recharge time: 94 minutes
4,000mAH type
  • Color: black (BSMPB0140BK) and white (BSMPB0140WH)
  • Size: 95×72×25mm
  • Weight: 183 g
  • Unit recharge time: 47 minutes

Voltissimo can also be used to charge the iPad, Android smartphones and all other smartphone models sold through March 2013. On top of that, Digital cameras and portable game devices, PCs or just about any device that uses a USB port can use the battery pack for charging. The Voltissimo battery pack has two output terminals, which enables you to charge two devices at the same time.

Voltissimo Battery Pack by Buffalo_1

While this battery pack is impressive in terms of charging speed, it doesn't come cheap. The 8,000mAH and 4,000mAH are available for $235 and $190 respectively. Aside from the high price point, the rapid charging may also damage the device battery over time, especially on the iPhone. Batteries get hot when they charge and the rapid charging will generate too much heat that it can actually damage the battery or reduce the lifespan of the chemicals inside.

But still, Voltissimo battery pack is still an attractive purchase, as long as you don't use it all time the time. If you can get beyond the high price, the Voltissimo battery pack is now available for you to pre-order. [via Gizmodo]

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