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PPSSPP, First PSP Emulator for iOS Now Runs Games at 60FPS [VIDEO]

For enjoying old games on old systems, the best solution would be to use an emulator. If you have been dabbling in using emulators on the iOS, you should know that there is a good deal of options available. However, they are mostly for older systems like the NES, SNES and PSX. A few days ago, the iOS has just received its first emulator for Sony's previous generation handheld, the PSP.

PPSSPP PSP Emulator for iOS

Henrik Rydgard is not stranger when it comes to emulators. After all, he's the developer behind Dolphin, the Gamecube and Wii emulator. And now, he has successfully ported the PSP emulator for iOS, PPSSPP. I said ported because this basic PSP emulator is already available in other smartphone platforms, like Android and BlackBerry 10. When the PSP emulator for iOS was first demoed, the frame rate was unfortunately not that good. According to the user who has posted the demo, the PSP emulator utilizes an interpreter instead of Just-In-Time compiler (JIT).

However, it seems that the devs have found a way to have JIT running on iOS. And because of this, games can now run at a highly playable 60 frames per second. This has been accomplished by enabling the frameskip feature. Check out PPSSPP running Wipeout Pure at 60 fps below:

As you can see, the game runs at a rather smooth pace and is perfectly playable. The best thing about this is that you can now give it a try yourself. You can download PPSSPP by simply adding the repo below.

Keep in mind that this a work in progress, so don't expect everything to run flawlessly and you are likely to encounter bugs and crashes. In addition, not all PSP games are playable, at least not for now. You also need to manually download PSP ROMs and install them through an iOS file system editing program. You need to place the ROMs in the “var/mobile/media/roms/” directory. And lastly, you will need to be jailbroken before you can even hope to give this PSP emulator for iOS a try.

PPSSPP for iOS Settings

This is definitely a promising project and we'll make sure to keep an eye on this one. What do you think of this PSP emulator for iOS? [via iJailbreak]

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