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Do The Harlem Shake Right At Your Home Screen With This Cydia Tweak

After the previously ever-present Gangnam Style, the internet has found its successor in the form of Harlem Shake. If you don't know what Harlem Shake is, then it's time to brush up on your internet memes. For the uninitiated, Harlem Shake is the current internet craze where people just dance like crazy and just about in any random manner following the drop of the bass. With this new Cydia tweak, your iOS device can now groove to the tune of Harlem Shake.

Harlem Shake Cydia Tweak

Previously, there was a tweak that enabled users to do the Harlem Shake right on the lockscreen. Master tweak creator Flippo Bigarella decided to create one himself, which is decidedly the better Harlem Shake tweak. Appropriately named Harlem Shake, this new Cydia tweak will let you do the latest dance craze using your iPhone's Springboard icons. Just to give you an idea how the tweak works, check out the demo below.

Once you have installed the Harlem Shake Cydia tweak, you can assign the action into one of your Activator gestures. So needless to say, you will need to have Activator installed (it's really worth it though) if you really want to give this tweak a try. After you have assigned the tweak to any of your Activator gestures, just perform it and your Springboard icons should start dancing.

Harlem Shake Cydia Tweak_0

I've installed the tweak and I must say that it is well made. I've assigned the tweak to my "shake" Home Screen activator gesture and it worked as advertised. I install all sorts of useful tweaks on my iPhone but I surely can appreciate something that is created for the sake of fun. And that is coming from someone who doesn't care for. It may not be a very useful tweak in any sense but this is a perfect tweak to install so you wow or troll your friends.

The Harlem Shake Cydia tweak by Flippo Bigarella is FREE in Cydia. Grab it now while the meme is still hot on the internet. [via iJailbreak]

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