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Official Teaser Photo of Galaxy S IV Posted by Samsung on Twitter

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of hoopla surrounding the launch of Samsung's next flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S IV. The South Korean company has been doing their fair share when it comes to generating the hype for the Galaxy S IV. At this point, there is no solid evidence with respect to the actual look of the device. Yesterday, a Chinese forum posted pictures of what are claimed to be the Galaxy S IV but it was of course, never official. Today, Samsung posted a teaser picture of what seemed to be their next flagship device.

Samsung Logo

Samsung seems to have taken a page from Apple because they have become a bit more secretive lately. In order to keep the interest levels high, Samsung has posted a teaser photo of the Galaxy S IV via its official U.S. Twitter account.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Teaser

Being a teaser photo, there is not much to discern in terms of the device's specs or aesthetics. After all, what can only be seen is the outline of the device's top half. Based on the teaser pic alone, the Galaxy S IV looks much like the Galaxy S III. It could be that the South Korean company is keeping the design of the previous Galaxy S model or perhaps the company just want consumers to think that way and then reveal a completely different product. If you have read our previous report, the posted teaser bears a resemblance to the leaked images yesterday.

Samsung's "Unpacked" event will take place this coming Thursday in New York where the Galaxy S IV is going to be revealed. The company has been promoting the device with taglines like "It’s going to be the most amazing product since the TV’s went color", which is rather a bold statement. It seems that Samsung is very confident that their next flagship product will cause significant ripples in the smartphone industry. We just hope that all the generated hype is all worth it. [via RedmondPie]

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