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Access 13,000 Marvel Comic Book Back Issues With Marvel Unlimited App [iTunes Link]

For quite some time now, a good deal of comic book fans have already brought their passion for comic books to their mobile iOS devices. There are tons of apps available in the App Store that enable one to read high quality comic book titles. Today, Marvel has announced a new subscription-based app that will give fans a whopping 13,000 back issues of Marvel comic books. Marvel Unlimited app is now available via the App Store.

Marvel Unlimited App

As mentioned, this new subscription service can be availed through an app which one can download from the App Store free of charge. The name of the app is called Marvel Unlimited, which is sort of a fitting name because you will be able to access 70 years worth of Marvel comics back issues, provided that you shell out for the subscription fee.

Marvel Unlimited App Screenshot

After downloading the app, you will be treated to a few free issues, just enough to give you a good taste of what you're in for if you subscribe. If you decide to take the plunge and subscribe, you will have to spend $10 per month or a special yearly subscription of $60. Doing so will let you access all the available content, which basically amounts to about 13,000 issues and a promise of more to come in the future.

Marvel Unlimited App Screenshot1

Like most apps of this kind, Marvel Unlimited provides a pretty decent interface for users to acquire all the available content. You can browse issues based on the newest comics, or if you simply fancy a select number of characters, you can also browse issues by characters. You can choose to read the issue instantly by tapping "Read Now", or you can add it to your library for future reading. A "read offline" feature is present, which lets you save specific issues so you can read it despite not having an internet connection. However, one glaring fault is that you can only save 6 titles at one time, which is kind of tedious.

As stated, Marvel Unlimited will add more issues in future updates on top of the 13,000 current library. However, only titles that are older than 6 months will be offered. The most up-to-date issues can be downloaded through the official Marvel Comics app.

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