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Gridlock 2.0 Finally Brings Full iOS 6.x & iPhone 5 Support

Customizing the iOS Springboard is certainly one of the most popular ways that one can give their iDevices a personal touch. There is no shortage of Cydia tweaks that lets you customize the Springboard. When it comes to this regard, it is safe to say that one of the "all-time best" is Gridlock. Created by the brilliant minds of Chwpn and P0sixninja, Gridlock 2.0 is considered by many to be a classic tweak. Good news for Gridlock fans because the tweak just received a significant update. 

Gridlock 2.0 Cydia Tweak

For those who are not familiar with the tweak, Gridlock is the go-to solution if you want to arrange your icons freely without all the hassle of having to create blank icons. You no longer have to adhere to Apple's strict app positioning which requires the icons to be placed side-by-side. This way, you can fully customize your Springboard so you can show off your wallpaper or simply get the icons out of the way.

Gridlock 2.0 Cydia Tweak_0+1

Gridlock 2.0 finally brings iOS 6 support, which is certainly good news for those who have adopted the latest firmware version. As for new features and other changes, there seems to be none. Basically, it is still the same good ol' Gridlock with full iOS 6 support, which is good enough for some. However, those who have bought the tweak before will likely be disappointed that upgrading to version 2.0 is not free. Apparently, Apple has changed the icon movements in iOS 6, which required the tweak to be completely rewritten. Although, those who have bought the previous versions will be treated to a discount. Chpwn also said that he will try to make future updates free.

If you are buying Gridlock 2.0 for the first time, it will cost you $4.99. For those who are upgrading from earlier versions, you will have to pay a discounted price of $1.99. This may seem like a high price to pay for a jailbreak tweak but trust us when we say that it's worth it. Gridlock is most definitely one of the best Springboard tweaks, especially if you are into customization.

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