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Bypass The Lockscreen & Instantly Access Homescreen Using SkipLock [Cydia Tweak]

The lockscreen is definitely one of the most constant elements when it comes to the iOS experience. Sliding the unlock bar is one thing iOS users have gotten so used to, that it just becomes second-nature. However, the existence of the lockscreen is a subject that's still up for debate. While the lockscreen adds a certain layer of security to your device, there are those who think that it's simply an unnecessary annoyance. Today, we will show to you a tweak that completely bypasses the lockscreen, so you can quickly get to your homescreen.

iOS Lockscreen

If you're someone who thinks that the iOS lockscreen is an unnecessary barrier, then you should consider installing SkipLock in your device. SkipLock is a Cydia tweak made by master tweak creator, Filippo Bigarella. Basically, this jailbreak tweak will hide and completely bypass the lockscreen. You will still be able to lock your device, meaning that it will be protected from any sort of user interaction. However, once you push the Home or Power button, you will be shown the home screen or the last app you've accessed. Although, when there are pending notifications or text messages, the slide to unlock bar will appear again, giving you the chance to read them.

That's pretty much it. This tweak will let you access your home screen in an instant, shaving off those precious seconds otherwise spent on unlocking the device.

SkipLock Cydia Tweak

Obviously, this tweak is only useful if you are not using a passcode to protect your device. There is also the fact that having no lockscreen takes some time getting used to. I've installed the tweak and while I can access my home screen in a flash, I was so accustomed to the lockscreen that it feels rather weird without it. However, I'm sure that I'll get used to it shortly. If you like to use the lockscreen for accessing Music controls or you've installed lockscreen tweaks like IntelliscreenX, then SkipLock is an easy pass for you.

In order to install the SkipLock tweak, you will need to add a private repo.

SkipLock is available in Cydia for FREE, so feel free to give it a try and see how you like it.

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